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In ‘I’ll Be Late’ Yoshi Kametani ponders the existential anxieties of life and death, as well as time and its relation to entropy. The book is filled with scenes of familiar domestic moments, people we assume to be friends are mixed in with images of dirty dishes piled up high, pizza crust left in the box or cigarettes burning to ash. Throughout the work there is a constant yet subtle reminder that time is relentlessly passing, harmony turns into chaos, and entropy deteriorates everything in its path, turning it into something new within its natural cycle. 

Kametani deconstructs the images to their bare bones and constructs them back together with 4 layers in the time-consuming screen-printing process. Printing the photographs in this way offers an opportunity to live with the work and see it materialize, and perhaps most importantly to better understand what the images mean to the author himself.

“The time I spent on creating the work also informed my thoughts on the subject. All of the images are shot indoors of intimate moments which would not have been possible without the passage of time. Our friendship and trust was built within it.”

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